James Gandolfini’s Love Of Green Day’s ‘Dookie’ Continues To Be The Most Delightful Story

Last week, we were delighted to learn that James Gandolfini was a huge fan of Dookie, Green Day’s 1994 breakout album that has sold over 20 million copies worldwide, including one copy to The Sopranos star on vinyl. He would play the album in his trailer, but as co-star and Talking Sopranos host Michael Imperioli explained in a follow-up interview with Stereogum, that was only the tip of Gandolfini’s love of “Basket Case.”

“Gandolfini would also sing ‘Basket Case’ and make up his own lyrics about HBO and the writers and producers of The Sopranos,” Imperioli said. “Usually when he was feeling overworked and overexposed, and his lyrics would reflect that. Some of the more musical crew members would add a verse or two. Great fun.” The actor later added, “He also named his dog dookie and used it in his email address.” So in case you were wondering who DookieFan1@aol.com belongs to, there’s your answer.

It’s a lot of fun to imagine Gandolfini coming up with The Sopranos-specific parodies of “Basket Case.” Here’s one: “I went to a shrink / To analyze my dreams / Melfi says it’s my ma that’s bringing me down.” Feel free to come up with your own.

And as always: [Tony Soprano voice] “Dookie.”

(Via Stereogum)