Jason Momoa Is Starring In A Limited Series Telling An Epic True Story About His Native Home Of Hawaii

Jason Momoa has been doing pretty well for himself (even in times of pain), and when someone does well for themselves it’s time for their dream projects to become reality. And so the time has come for arguably the DCEU’s most endearing star: As per /Film, Apple TV+ has given the go for Chief of War, in which the ripped star will get to tell a key story about his native home of Hawaii.

The show, which is set to be an eight episode limited series, tells the story of the unification of Hawaii in the late 18th century. Momoa, who co-created the show with Thomas Paa Sibbett and will also help write, is set to play Ka’iana, a legendary warrior who was called out of retirement after becoming the focus of a prophecy about a figure who will bring all the neighboring islands together as one.

With the exception of Disney’s Moana, the Polynesian islands have rarely been given the big-screen treatment. When shown at all, it’s depicted as a resort for white characters. (Emma Stone ran into some trouble in 2016 when she played a character who was 1/5 Hawaiian in Aloha.) This will give the islands some much-deserved attention as well as let Momoa strut his stuff outside the comic book-derived realm. This show is set to begin production this summer.

(Via /Film)