Jenna Ortega Was Too Nervous To Look An Oscar Nominee In The Eye

Jenna Ortega is one of most popular stars in Hollywood at the moment, with a hit TV show and multiple scream queen movies to her name. But even she still gets nervous around other celebrities. Ahead of her SNL hosting debut, Ortega dropped by The Tonight Show where she discussed sitting at the same table as Zendaya at the SAG Awards. Also at the table: Paul Mescal, who is nominated for Best Actor at the Oscars for his fantastic performance in Aftersun.

“I was kind of freaking out because she was sitting next to Paul Mescal, who I think is so talented and so good,” she said. “And I was so nervous to meet him and I knew he was going to be at my table. And I remember he introduced himself to me when I wasn’t expecting it.” This proved to be too much for Ortega, who was caught off guard and “kind of couldn’t look him in the eye.”

This interaction — or lack there of? — must have been the talk of the Paul Mescal/Joe Alwyn/Hot Priest group chat that night.

Ortega was less nervous around Aubrey Plaza, who she presented an award with at the SAGs. ‘I would do anything with her,’ she said. ‘She’s another one of those people where everyone kept saying, ‘Oh you remind me of Aubrey, or, ‘You two should get together.’ And we just never did until we were backstage then.” The fact that a Thelma and Louise remake with those two hasn’t been announced yet is everything wrong with Hollywood.

You can watch Ortega’s The Tonight Show interview above.