Trans ‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Amy Schneider Shares A Secret To Her Success And Impressive Winning Streak (She’s 5th In Total Winnings Already)

Jeopardy! is currently on a break from regular play due to the show’s Professor’s tournament, which continues this week, but never fear because trans champ Amy Schneider will return on December 20. She’s won thirteen games so far, and that makes her the 5th all-time champ in winnings when it comes to regular-season games. She’s won $536,400 and counting and will one day appear in the Tournament of Champions. While she awaits return to airtime, Amy’s kept busy on social media by calling out the GOP and showing off her tattoo that she must keep covered on the show.

Now (and following the announcement that Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik will continue on as co-hosts until at least late next summer), Amy is not only using her platform to send supportive gestures to the trans community, but she’s also spilling what she believes is a secret to her winning streak.

Amy did so while answering a question about her ease while conquering the wordplay categories. “I think a lot of it comes from doing crosswords for years,” Amy offered. “It’s given me practice at thinking of words as both a concept and a collection of letters at the same time.”

As for how she fared at home (as a fan) doing practice runs, Amy answered that she pulled off “generally 45-50” questions from the comfort of her couch. Brb, gonna go buy a few crossword books…

She continued to answer questions while giving Pam credit for being the only competitor so far to “really consistently beat me on the buzzer.” That feels like a revelation and a challenge to future contestants, but she’s been holding everyone off so far.

Amy’s on a Jeopardy! breather at the moment, due to this week’s Professors Tournament. She return for more victory on December 20.