This ‘Jeopardy’ Interview Went Completely Sideways When A Contestant Talked About Sex Habits

When it comes to game-show dominance, Jeopardy has long been lagging behind the likes of Wheel of Fortune and Family Feud. The questions are still top notch and Alex Trebek still bathes in the blood of the innocent for his looks, but the show seems to lack that edge you get with some of the rowdier Family Feud guests. “His rod” is quite the controversial statement when at the church on Sunday.

So when Jeopardy decides to turn up the sex a bit and give audiences a taste of the weird, it’s time to pay attention. That’s where this contestant comes into play, captured thanks to the keen eye of Jeffrey Sauter on Twitter. She decides that the time is right to set the record straight about the sexual preferences of Japanese men, at least as her one point on the negative media coverage of Japanese men as a whole.

What could she be talking about? Would it be the rumors of used-underwear vending machines spreading around town? Perhaps it’s the existence of love pillows and video game girlfriends as stand-ins for real relationships? Or maybe it’s all that tentacle pornography with the blurred-out pubic hair? The only person who knows is probably Liz, which you’ll have to read in her dissertation. Or you can just watch this: