Louis C.K. Proves That Funny Guys Finish First With An Epic ‘Jeopardy!’ Win

Comedian Louis C.K. has transcended the realm of comedy and become a much more influential figure in the world of pop culture. His hit FX show, Louie, went from an awkward, semi-autobiographical comedy series to one of the more abstract, daring, and at times heart wrenching things on television today. His most recent endeavor was a show released exclusively via his personal website called Horace and Pete, with similar tone and writing to Louie, but instead focusing on a bar, its awkward owners, and clientele.

This week, Jeopardy! has been busting out the big guns for their “Power Players” week, and among them was Louis CK. He was joined by Kate Bolduan and Jonathan Capeheart, but really, do you think that they even stood a chance? The awkward comedian guffawed and smiled his way to a victory on the show, which was of course done for a good cause.

As he explained in his bio, he was just worried about embarrassing himself on the show, so he took it very seriously. It looks like it all worked out for him, as he made a strong comeback and was able to push his way into a victory even though he didn’t bet too much the Final Jeopardy question. He still won the damned thing, though. Once again, he’s proven that he’s more than just a funny guy.