What The Hell Is Going On In Jeremy Renner’s Jeep Commercials?



Matthew McConaughey is the king of perplexing car commercials. There’s no getting around that. His Lincoln saga has been going on for something like half a decade and has featured everything from bulls standing in a highway to fully-clothed swimming pool backflops to multiple Matts sitting in one car that appears to be resting on top of a body of water. They’re nuts on their face and even nuttier if you think about them for more than 15 seconds, which I do daily.

With that said, it is my great pleasure to report we at least have a challenger now. Jeremy Renner — action star, house flipper extraordinaire, aspiring rock star — is starring in a series of Jeep commercials this summer titled “Summer of Jeep.” The uniting theme of the three spots is something like this: Jeremy Renner loves Jeeps and the desert and playing live rock shows. Fine, great. But like McConaughey’s Lincoln commercials, things get screwy if you, say, spend the better part of an afternoon watching them and applying the least bit of scrutiny to them. Which I did. And it left me with one simple question: What the hell is happening in Jeremy Renner’s Jeep commercials?

Follow me on a dusty road to chaos.


The plot

Jeremy Renner is sitting alone at a table with a blank notepad he appears to be attempting to fill with song lyrics. He sees a Jeep in the dirt parking lot outside and proceeds to have an elaborate fantasy about driving around the desert in this Jeep with a mysterious woman accompanying him.

A few notes

Look closely at this picture.


Computer, enhance.


Yes, Jeremy Renner is daydreaming about riding around the desert with a beautiful woman while the two of them blast his own music out of a Jeep.

Imagine how awkward it must be to get in a car with someone and discover they are blasting their own music.

Maybe that’s why she throws him out of the car at the 0:40 mark.

The commercial ends with — surprise — the mystery woman approaching his table and asking if he’s ready to go.

She calls him “Jeremy,” which seems to imply that he is playing himself in these commercials, as opposed to McConaughey’s Lincoln commercials, which never make it clear who he is portraying.

He does not appear to have written a single song lyric but he still performs a concert at the end.

Unanswered Questions

Is the Jeep his — is he daydreaming about driving around in his own Jeep? — or does it belong to someone else?

If it is not his… why doesn’t he just go buy a Jeep if he wants one so bad?

Couldn’t he buy a Jeep with his house-flipping money?

Was all of this happening while his girlfriend was in the bathroom?

Why is he kicking the sand so much?



Is… is Jeremy Renner actually mad at the desert?

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