Jerry Seinfeld Kept Much Of The ‘Seinfeld’ Set And He Has Big Plans For It

Jerry Seinfeld took time off from his Crackle series People Who Tell Jokes As a Profession In Automobiles Getting Caffeinated Beverages (there has to be a snappier title for that) to host a Reddit AMA. Or in his words, “AMN: Ask Me Nothing.” The biggest reveal is that Seinfeld still owns most of the Seinfeld set, which he has big plans for. “I actually have quite a bit of it,” he said, “and we’re looking for a museum that wants to display it. I have the couch, I have the two blue stools, I have the table and chairs; the coolest thing I have is the door, which we never repainted in nine seasons. It has every scuff mark that Kramer put on it with all those crazy entrances.” (Those Crazy Entrances was actually the name of Michael Richards’ proposed Kramer spin-off.)

In less scuffed-up, chicken-greasy door news, Seinfeld was also asked whether he’d make a sequel to Bee Movie, his ironically adored 2007 movie from DreamWorks. Excuse me, his “iconic” 2007 movie from Dreamworks:

I considered it this spring for a solid six hours. There’s a fantastic energy now for some reason, on the internet particularly. Tumblr, people brought my attention to. I actually did consider it, but then I realized it would make Bee Movie 1 less iconic. But my kids want me to do it, a lot of people want me to do it. A lot of people that don’t know what animation is want me to do it. If you have any idea what animation is, you’d never do it. (Via)

Better start printing those Bee Movie 2 shirts now.

(Via Reddit AMA)