‘Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee’ Has A Season 8 Trailer And Judd Apatow Has Some Cosby Jokes


Over the years, Jerry Seinfeld’s original Crackle show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee has picked up and dropped off an increasingly impressive array of guests. President Barack Obama, then-newly minted Late Show host Stephen Colbert and fellow Seinfeld alum Julia Louis-Dreyfus have all let themselves be driven by (or in the case of Obama, rode along with) the comedian for long chats about their careers, lives and favorite cups o’ joe. So of course the new trailer for the series’ eighth season has to be amazing enough to catch your attention and — dare I say it? — trump Obama himself.

(I’m not sorry for that.)

Hence the inclusion of Lorne Michaels, Margaret Cho (who recently sought Seinfeld’s help in a viral dispute with fans), Jim Gaffigan, John Oliver, and JB Smoove. The snippets provided from each interview subject’s Comedians in Cars segment looks fantastic, as Seinfeld and his creative team endeavor to adapt the program to the individual personalities and quips of their invited guests. However, it’s the quick clips from Ghostbusters haters and Bill Cosby superfan Judd Apatow that caught our attention — mainly for the inclusion of a biting joke at Cosby’s expense.


Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee premieres June 16 on Crackle.