Jimmy Kimmel Called Out The ‘Scumbags,’ Including Ted Cruz, Who Enabled The Mob That Stormed The Capitol Building

Jimmy Kimmel didn’t have much time to react to President Trump’s worst supporters storming the Capitol building in a failed coup on Wednesday, but in a way, he channeled all the anger, confusion, and sadness he and many others have felt over the last four years into a single episode. “Thank you for joining us for the treason finale of the Donald Trump era. This was one of those days that I always assumed was behind us. This is not the sort of thing I ever imagined would happen in this country in my lifetime,” he said.

Kimmel noted how “laidback” the police looked “compared to the Black Lives Matter protests. Some were seen taking selfies with the criminals; others seemed to welcome them through the gates. It was a terrible day in the history of this country.” He then turned his attention to the president “and the scumbags that kept this ‘stolen election’ charade going — and that’s you Josh Hawley, that’s you Ted Cruz — either intentionally or just wildly irresponsibly lit these fires to start a war just to distract us from the fact that Donald Trump lost the election.” He was just getting started on that “lyin’ little bitch” Cruz.

“Ted Cruz, this guy doesn’t even believe the election was stolen. He knows better than that. He’s so hungry for political power. He’s so desperate to be liked and supported by these nuts who think Joe Biden is a Chinese agent and Satan is trying to force them to wear masks to the mall so that one day he can be president, he’s willing to roll the dice on a civil war.”

Kimmel listed the enablers that made yesterday a reality, including attorney Rudy Giuliani, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), “and especially Donald Trump. These people are not Americans,” Kimmel said. “There’s no ‘we, the people,’ there’s ‘me, the people’ and that’s it.” You can watch the Jimmy Kimmel Live! clip above.