Ted Cruz Is Not Going To Like Jimmy Kimmel’s New Hashtag And Nightmarish Photoshop For The Ages

There’s never been any love lost between Ted Cruz and Jimmy Kimmel, and to complicate matters, Ted tends to ignore serious issues and supply trivial comebacks. And this week, that pattern has come back to Ted’s love of self-professed basketball prowess. This harkens back to his Supreme Court clerking days, when he (according to ex-colleagues who spoke to the New York Times) used to unwind on court by shouting “my bad!” while he “elbowed wildly” during games. (Basketballs + Elbows = No idea why Heidi wanted him to vacation with her in Cancun.)

This week, Kimmel took a swing at Ted by lumping him into a group of “scumbags” (who want to “scare old people” by painting Dr. Fauci as a villain). Of course, Ted responded by completely ignoring what Kimmel accused Cruz of doing, and instead, the much maligned senator from Texas focused on the important things by posting a clip of “Me kicking his ass at hoops.”

Naturally, Kimmel was bound to respond to this, and he did not disappoint. After the 3:15 minute mark above, Kimmel supplies his own trivial response. In doing so, he segues into Cruz Land while declaring, “You can still post photos of public figures whether they like it or not.” Here it comes: “For instance, if you wanted to share this photo we made of Ted Cruz sitting on a hot dog, well, that’s still totally okay.” Then the kicker. “And since it is okay, you should do it. Use the hashtag #HotDogTeddy.”

The corresponding tweet had to happen.

And the retweets happened, as well. One user noted that Kimmel “is giving Cruz WAY more credit than he deserves” with the size of this hot dog. That’s a fair point.

Cruz has yet to acknowledge this latest feud addition, but you know it’s getting under his skin. Dude must be practically steaming right now. Time to book a fight to Cancun!