Joe Rogan Accused ‘SNL’ Of ‘Stealing’ Jokes During An Interview With Fired Cast Member Shane Gillis

Never one to stay away from controversy (or conspiracy theories), Joe Rogan accused Saturday Night Live of stealing jokes during an interview on his podcast with fired cast member Shane Gillis. While repeatedly referencing comedian Jim Breuer, who had a brief stint on SNL during the ’90s, Rogan claimed that the show routinely steals any jokes it can get its hands on from writers, performers, and even applicants. Via Mediaite:

“By all accounts, that place is a den of thieves,” Rogan said on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, during an interview with comedian Shane Gillis. “You hear Jim Breuer’s account of the climate in that place and it’s horrific. They’re all stealing from writers, they’re stealing from performers. If you’re a writer and you submit your packages, the higher-up writers will steal your sh*t, according to Breuer.”

“If you submit a package, they own that package, even if they don’t hire you,” Rogen said to Gillis, a stand-up comedian who had his offer to join the show rescinded after a series of racist and homophobic remarks were discovered.

However, it should be noted that Rogen is operating off his March interview with Breuer, who was recounting his personal experience on the show from over 20 years ago. The comedian also admitted that watching his material get cut turned him into a “bitter, angry man,” and despite rumors that he quit, he was ultimately fired by Lorne Michaels.

So, basically, take the whole joke stealing thing with a grain of salt, which is par for the course when Joe Rogan is involved. As the podcast host famously said earlier in the year when called out for his anti-vaccine remarks, “I’m not a doctor, I’m a f*cking moron.”

(Via The Joe Rogan Experience)