Johnny Depp Was In Last Night’s ‘The Walking Dead’ (Sort Of)

03.07.16 3 years ago 2 Comments

This week’s “heart-stopping” The Walking Dead had it all: Foreshadowing! Out-of-nowhere romance! Cookies! Rick punching the head of a zombie!

To fool Negan’s Saviors into thinking they killed Gregory, the dream team of Andy, Jesus, and Rick have to decide which of three decapitated walkers looks the most like the Hilltop leader. None of them are exactly right because “the nose is a different shape,” according to Jesus, so Rick does what he does best: He pretends he’s Rocky in a meat locker, and Head #2 is a slab of beef.

If Head #3 looks familiar, that’s because you’ve seen too many Pirates of the Caribbean movies (so, more than one): Walking Dead director Greg Nicotero told Entertainment Weekly that it was intentionally modeled after Johnny Depp.

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