Kate McKinnon’s Gal Gadot Impression Could Be Her Best Yet

Kate McKinnon was on The Tonight Show Tuesday night and she brought some stories about this season of SNL with her. None of them were any better than the week Gal Gadot hosted the show near the beginning of this season. Not only did Gadot stun the cast and entertain them with some strange moments, but she also inspired one of McKinnon’s best impressions yet.

Fallon and McKinnon talk a bit about her Hillary Clinton impression to start. He mentions how the former presidential candidate mentioned her cover of “Hallelujah” from the post-election episode of SNL in her book, something that McKinnon found out while listening to the audiobook. It’s an interesting tidbit, but Gadot seems to inspire a special response from the SNL star.

McKinnon talks about how Aidy Bryant and herself had to spend a lot of time with Gadot during the week, listening to her stories and marveling at her life compared to theirs:

“Everything she says is like a prophecy. I asked her, like, do you have hobbies, Gal? And she was like, ‘I love to go to the beach. I love to paddleboard. I love to watch my children run on the sand. I love to go to the Maldives…

Do you have a hobby, Kate?’ And I was like, ‘I watch Dateline!'”

McKinnon also calls herself a midwestern toad compared to Gadot’s “Mediterranean Goddess” before moving on to her awkward truth session during the weekly SNL cast dinner. Instead of talking movies or breaking the ice, Gadot asks everybody to reveal something they’ve never told anybody. Even Lorne Michaels took part, which is really crazy. “She changed the game, she flipped the script!”

If it turned out that Gadot was actually Wonder Woman at this point, would folks be able to handle it? Probably not at SNL.

(Via The Tonight Show)