Keanu Reeves Might Actually Be A Funny Stand-Up If You Believe ‘The Tonight Show’

Jimmy Fallon announced last week that he’d have Keanu Reeves and Judd Apatow on the show to do some “Kid Stand-Up,” hoping to get some gems from his younger viewers before tonight’s show. It’s common practice, but it seems to have paid off. If you told me that Keanu Reeves was going to attempt stand-up, I’d tell you that you were mad. I buy him as an English gentleman hunting Dracula, I buy him as an FBI agent/former quarterback/surfing criminal, and I buy him as John Wick. I do not buy him as a stand-up.

I see sad Keanu or a guy that doesn’t want to get up on the stage to tell jokes. Dogstar does not count. But here, I think we’re all pleasantly surprised.

Apatow has stand-up experience and you get what you get despite the children writing the jokes. Same with Jimmy Fallon who seems like he’s always reading from one of those giant kid’s joke books every night. But Reeves brings it and shows he’s a little sillier than you’d ever expect. Give him some real material and let him just riff. If that’s not good enough, write him a script and put him in a movie as a stand-up comic that loves his dog and also happens to be a contract killer that works in a cyber realm.

Make it happen, Mr. Show Business. Make it the next John Wick movie.

(Via The Tonight Show)