Keegan-Michael Key Brings Back Luther, Obama’s Anger Translator, To Vent Some Frustrations About The Trump Administration

Apart from Colbert’s latest Russia segment, The Late Show also featured the return of everybody’s favorite surrogate for President Obama thanks to Keegan-Michael Key. Luther, Obama’s Anger Translator, shows up to deliver some frustrated takes on the Trump administration that we might get if Obama was taking a lead in whatever The Resistance is against the current president and his allies.

Key provides some energetic responses to the efforts by the GOP to repeal Obamacare and replace it with whatever will be Trumpcare once they all get on the same page. He goes where most are thinking, with folks working with boiling cauldrons and eye of newt to create potions and spells that will heal the sick — or turn them into whatever Chet was in Weird Science.

Even one of the few times Trump listened to people people outside his family gets Key into a frenzy. While talking about Trump’s plan for the wall on the Mexican border, he puts all of the Ed Sullivan theater space to good use while trying to comprehend the plans for a see-through wall in order to protect from bags of drugs being launched over the wall. Luther does some rolls, a few kicks, and gets pretty worked up in the process, finally just opting to start naming off ’80s drug movies until the end of the segment.

The energy is fantastic and it’s a nice return to familiar territory for Key. While both he and Jordan Peele have moved onto better things — including fatherhood — their Comedy Central show was a bright spot.

(Via The Late Show)