‘SNL’ Almost Makes You Feel Bad For The Guy Behind Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi Commercial

SNL likely provided the best response to Pepsi’s controversial protest ad starring Kendall Jenner, which is saying something since they’re technically late to the party. Not only do they do a good job of capturing everything that was wrong with the ad, but they also slightly make you feel bad for the guy who came up with the ad. He really thinks he was doing something great and capturing the moment, but soon realizes — with some help from his friends, family, neighbors, and a few random people — that things are probably not going to end well.

Obviously, there wasn’t just one guy behind the ad, even if it’s a little funnier to think about it that way. It’s just the latest brand mishap but on a grander scale since its a giant like Pepsi. But as SNL points out at the end of this sketch, you live and learn. Pepsi had to learn the hard way, of course, then attempt to explain themselves, and then retreat entirely once the backlash grew too large.

The one person that doesn’t seem to get a soft touch here is Kendall Jenner. While she’s out there hiding her face and claiming to be traumatized by the response to the ad, SNL doesn’t really hold back on making her completely oblivious to the entire thing. In her defense, it would be really cute if you could give a police officer a Pepsi and change the world. That’d be a nice world.

(Via SNL)