Kevin Costner’s Marital Woes And ‘Yellowstone’ Coming To An End Reportedly Have Nothing To Do With Each Other

Kevin Costner’s had an eventful week. For one, Yellowstone — the show that gave him his biggest hit in ages — is coming to an end. The Paramount Network smash will film one more batch of episodes to wrap up its fifth season in August, though it’s unclear if its star will even be in it. For another, Costner is getting divorced. Do these two life changes have anything to do with each other? Doesn’t look like it.

On Tuesday, Christine Baumgartner, whom Costner married in in 2004, filed for divorce. But a source told People the split “has nothing to do with Yellowstone,” adding, “The two situations are unrelated.”

For months, rumors that Costner was leaving the show that revitalized his career have swirled, though it’s been tricky for anyone to confirm specifics. There’s been plenty of drama, too. Back in April, fans of the show rebelled after neither Costner nor creator Taylor Sheridan showed up as scheduled to a Paleyfest event in Los Angeles.

At least this won’t be the end of the Yellowstone franchise. Along with those prequels, there’s a new series starring Matthew McConaughey in the offing, and it might wind up being the original show’s official sequel. In the meantime, Sheridan himself is raking in the dough using his own ranch as the set for the shows he himself created — a savvy way to game the system if we ever heard one.

(Via People)