We’re Finally Getting Kevin Smith To Speak Up In His New Pilot ‘Hollyweed’

Kevin Smith has always been a man of few words when it comes to his characters. His most famous role, Silent Bob, is (obviously) famous for not speaking, only opening his mouth occasionally to lay down some wisdom for Ben Affleck. Sure, he voiced a stormtrooper in The Force Awakens and will be appearing in The Flash, but he’s never had a role that was exactly dialogue-heavy. But now, the beloved director and actor will stay silent no more.

Smith’s new pilot, Hollyweed, has just finished shooting. It’s a show about workers at a medical marijuana dispensary, and Smith describes it as “essentially Clerks at a dispensary,” which sounds like a perfect project for him. The show will also star Smith’s daughter, who will also play his daughter on the show. It’s not their first time sharing billing, though, as she appeared as a Silent Baby Bob in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and has a small role in Tusk and a starring role in the forthcoming Yoga Hosers.

What we should be most excited about, though, is that his part in the series will be his first major speaking role in a scripted series. For a long time, he has shied away from a role like that — he even says he would have played Randal in the first Clerks if he hadn’t been so afraid of messing up (although it’s hard to picture the movie being as iconic as it is without Smith as Bob). Smith has proven himself to be a solid actor, though, and he’s finally fulfilling his secret lifelong dream of being an actor who speaks.

Let’s just hope they have some killer dance scenes in this show, too.

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