Kevin Smith Shared A Sobbing Selfie Of His ‘Soft Boy’ Reaction To The ‘WandaVision’ Finale

Noted nerd aficionado Kevin Smith stayed up late to catch the WandaVision finale, and the emotional ending clearly left him a sobbing mess. While tweeting at the crack of dawn, Smith shared a photo of his teary face after re-watching the series finale several times because he loved it that much. Unlike some people who posted more negative reactions on social media, Smith was pleased with how WandaVision wrapped up its story, and he wants the world to know that the ending hit him right in the feels. He also made it a point to shoot down attempts to bring up his stoner life as the reason for his emotional response. Via Twitter:

Watched it 3 times. Loved it ALL. Show was everything I wanted it to be. For the folks who say I cry over movies/TV because I’m too stoned? I haven’t smoked weed in a week. Stop blaming the herb. I’m just a soft boy. Anyway… Goodbye, @wandavision. We’ll say hello again.

You can see Smith’s tweet and his teary eyes below:

Like most WandaVision fans, Smith has been knee-deep in the various theories that the show kicked up from week to week. He was especially big on the possible Fantastic Four connections, and he even floated his own idea on how Episode 4’s introduction to SWORD opened the door for the superhero family to join the MCU.

“Five years ago [Monica] was used to going to space, apparently, and now five years, like after the Blip, they’re not letting people go,” Smith said on his Fatman Beyond podcast. “Now, when he said ‘we’re concentrating now on the quantum and blah blah blah unmanned missions’, that smells like Fantastic Four, doesn’t it? It smells like they had shut down like manned missions and now they’re out of it, feels like somewhere in there like the Fantastic Four lies.”

Here’s the thing about Smith’s theory, though: It still has a chance of happening. Sure, that won’t bring WandaVision back, but it might take some of the sting out.

(Via Kevin Smith on Twitter)