Pete Davidson Gave Kim Kardashian An ‘SNL’-Themed Gift To Commemorate Their First Kiss

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson first met in January 2019, when she crashed a “boys’ night” birthday party for Kid Cudi with her then-husband Kanye West. Timothée Chalamet was also there, for some reason. Davidson, who got stuck paying the bill for everyone, called Kim and Kanye “the cutest couple ever” on The Tonight Show. Little did he know that two years later, he would be the one in a relationship with Kardashian. The hit it off when she hosted SNL in October 2021, appearing in a sketch where she played Princess Jasmine to Davidson’s Aladdin. It was the first time they kissed.

During Wednesday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, host Jimmy Kimmel asked Kardashian, “What became of this rug? Do you have this now? It seems like you should.” She replied, “Actually, for Valentine’s Day he got me the rug and the whole outfits and the little genie lamp. So I do own the rug.”

Kimmel then informed her that his team “had to carry in a huge bouquet of flowers that Pete sent here” in celebration of her family’s late-night appearance on Wednesday.

“Does that make the other boyfriends look bad?” he added coyly.

If Davidson was a really good boyfriend, he would have given Kardashian a more famous SNL prop, like the cowbell or the complete Steven Seagal episode. But the rug and costumes is cute, too.

You can watch the Kimmel interview above, and the Aladdin sketch below.

(Via People)