Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down Trump’s Impromptu Press Conference By Comparing It To Charlie Sheen’s ‘Winning’ Streak

Entertainment Writer
02.17.17 2 Comments

The news on Thursday was dominated by Trump’s press conference and that continued with most of late night television. While Seth Meyers and other hosts took the reactionary route to the presser, Jimmy Kimmel tried to hold to pop culture and have some fun with the aftermath Trump’s impromptu event.

Kimmel kicks things off by boiling down the entire one-hour presser to a sizzle reel of memorable moments, truly the perfect way to digest the event. He then makes a comparison to Charlie Sheen’s memorable “winning” streak from a few years ago, something that never really came to mind until now. While Trump doesn’t look to be living life as hard as Sheen was at the time, his language and the media coverage really do harken back to that time. There was no shortage of Sheen news but President Trump has eclipsed that due to his status alone.

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