Kumail Nanjiani Opened Up About The Time He Shared A Flight With A ‘Pantless Plane Passenger’

Back in December of last year, actor and comedian Kumail Nanjiani live-tweeted what can only be called a surreal in-flight experience at the hands (or, pasty white legs, to be precise) of a fellow passenger who immediately removed his pants upon boarding the flight. The man then proceeded to sit in a way that made it abundantly clear to everyone else on board that he was not wearing pants.

Given all the uproar over the recent United incident, leading to a dialogue on how airline employees treat passengers, Conan asked the Silicon Valley star to explain exactly what happened during that flight. “You know how some people take their shoes off, and that’s like, so uncool,” Nanjiani asked. “He took his pants off, and then he put his legs up.” After confirming that the man was only wearing boxers, Nanjiani continued. “And he’s up front so everybody that comes in is greeted by this defiant fleshy ‘V’, everybody has to walk by it, children… And I was like, what’s going to happen?”

In the end, nothing happened, and the guy even managed to intimidate flight attendants to enjoy his flight in pantsless, raised-leg comfort, until they landed and he disappeared into the crowd like it was no big deal. The situation made Nanjiani realize an important lesson, however. “You know you think like, when the situation is right, you’re gonna stand up and do something? It was that day I understood, I am no hero,” he admitted. “But if some shit goes down, I will tweet about it.”

Speaking of which, here are Nanjiani’s original tweets about the pantless dude, and he was clearly not exaggerating.