Kurt Sutter’s ‘Mayans M.C.’ Rides With A New Trailer To Prove You Can Go Home Again, But You Can’t Leave

Mere days after FX dropped a Mayans M.C. teaser that made Sons of Anarchy fans emotional, the network has dropped the first official trailer ahead of the San Diego Comic-Con Sunday panel for Kurt Sutter’s spinoff. The ensuing few minutes make it all too clear that this post-Jax Teller world plays by the same mythology and rules, including the Godfather-esque notion that just once you’re in the club, they’ll keep pulling you back in.

Sort of like The Eagles’ “Hotel California” but with more leather and swagger.

The biker-drama trailer introduces viewers to Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes (JD Pardo), a prospect who’s fresh out of prison and returning home. Unfortunately, he finds that his lady love has moved on with life, and she’s none too crazy about his lifestyle. However, EZ impresses the members of the Mayans Cali/Mexi border charter, and there’s every blatant indication from his semi-aghast reactions to M.C. happenings that he’ll eventually surrender to one-percenter ways while internally struggling for seasons to come.

In other words … sure, Kurt Sutter can take viewers home again to familiar stomping grounds, but the results might be mixed. Will the return visit be a long-term endeavor, and do fans even have a choice? EZ rips his shirt off at one point, so maybe Sutter’s aiming for pure guilty pleasure with this second outing.

Viewers also catch a glimpse of Marcus Alvarez, who’s still played by Emilio Rivera as the only confirmed Sons cast member returning for more. Mayans M.C. will premiere on FX on September 4, and this weekend should bring a host of new tidbits from Sutter and crew while they grind through Comic-Con.