If Lady You-Know-Who Is Going To Appear On ‘Game Of Thrones,’ Now’s The Time

Margaery has spent years planning her dead Sparrow necklace, and Game of Thrones fans have waited just as long for a certain character to appear on the show. And time and time again, they’ve been let down by the lack of Lady Stoneheart, the “vengeful, zombified Catelyn Stark, who was pulled back from death by the Brotherhood Without Banners.” In 2014, actress Michelle Fairley said “the character’s dead, she’s dead,” but that didn’t rule out her resurrection, because Lady Stoneheart’s technically not alive. The rumors popped up again a year later, after Lena Headey uploaded a literal stone heart to Instagram, and showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss decided to troll fans by titling the season finale “Mother’s Mercy.” Still, nothing.

But — and this is a huge, dragon-sized but — if Lady Stoneheart were to ever appear on the show, now’s the time. In last week’s episode, Walder Frey’s sons made a pointed reference to the Brotherhood Without Banners and everything that’s happening in the Riverlands. That’s also where Brienne and Jaime are headed, and as book readers know, Lady Stoneheart isn’t thrilled to see Brienne, who swore an oath of fealty to Cat, hanging out with a Lannister. She’s given two options: kill Jaime or hang. That’s one way she could return.

The other, via the Huffington Post, is a little kookier.

Our theory: Arya Stark will wear Catelyn Stark’s face to become Lady Stoneheart and kill the Freys. (Via)

HuffPo’s evidence is a game of Two Truths, One Lie (it’s exactly what it sounds like) that Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner recently played. Sansa’s responses: “Ramsay dies,” “Lady Stoneheart returns,” and “Arya checks three people off her list.” Arya’s: “Arya goes to Westeros, back over the sea,” “Arya is in the trailer more times than people have realized, because they don’t realize it’s her,” and “Arya doesn’t cross any more names off her list.” There are some subtle hints here. For instance, Arya only has three names left on her list, as revealed in “Oathbreaker,” but it’s unlikely she’ll have time to check Cersei, Gregor Clegane, and Walder Frey off. A Girl is busy. Also:

If Arya does appear in the trailer more than we know, it’s likely because she’s using her Faceless Men training to take other people’s identities. And what better way to cross Frey off her list than going back to Westeros, assuming the identity of Catelyn Stark/Lady Stoneheart, and perhaps crashing a second “Red Wedding”? (Via)

Remember, Walder Frey’s bride was killed during the Red Wedding, and in season three, Roose Bolton said, “You’ll be needing a new young girl.” He might already have one — he slaps her behind in “Blood of My Blood” — but it’s unclear whether they’re married or not. Plus, we know from casting news that the Brotherhood will be back. That’s enough clues for Twitter.

But here comes George R.R. Martin to rain on everyone’s parade.

George [was asked during a dinner at Balticon] if Lady Stoneheart was going to appear on the show. George said no, that she’d been cut. He said if he were involved in the show things would be different, but he’s busy trying to finish books. (Via)

That’s his excuse for everything. “Honey, will you take out the trash?” “I’m sorry, but I’m busy trying to finish books.” Anyway, it’s probably for the best that Lady Stoneheart doesn’t appear on Game of Thrones. There are enough “dead” characters floating around as is, and the Arya theory is, at best, goofy. (Wouldn’t she need her mother’s body, or more accurately, her face for this to work?) The more likely scenario is that Arya kills the Waif, and either uses her face, or the face of another young girl, to get close to Walder.

Lady Stoneheart isn’t the only one who can kill a Frey.

(Via the Huffington Post)