Martin Short Brought Jiminy Glick Back For A Delightful Interview With Larry David

Did you catch last night’s celebrity-stuffed premiere of Maya & Marty? Of course you did, celebrities were there and you wouldn’t want to let them down by not watching at home, would you? One of the broadcast’s celebrity interactions featured Larry David having a friendly (well, maybe not that friendly) conversation with Martin Short’s uniquely named celebrity interviewer alter-ego Jiminy Glick.

Employing Glick’s hilariously grating approach to chatting with famous folk, it doesn’t take long for barbs to be volleyed back and forth. Glick goes full blowhard in dishing out his questions to the Curb Your Enthusiasm maestro and when David isn’t cracking up, he swings back at the man in the fat suit. Occasionally, there’s some talk about how going to the urinal was more fun when there weren’t urinal dividers. Y’know, the sort of hard-hitting journalism that 60 Minutes is too scared to touch.

“I wasn’t going to insult you!” exclaims the rotund interviewer as things get heated. “All I was going to say is that there’s a blandness to you that seems to be your trademark. And isn’t that wonderful? Now, how is that bad?”

In addition to backhanded compliments and fronthanded insults, the back-and-forth even gets physical. Well, as physical as Martin Short can be in that bulky Glick get-up. Give it a gander for yourself by checking out the video nestled above.

(via Vulture)