‘Maya And Marty’ Will Premiere With A Heap Of A-List Guest Stars

NBC is awfully fond of Maya Rudolph and is of the firm belief that you should be too. (Can you blame them? Maya Rudolph is a delight!) She’s been a fixture of the network on Saturday Night Live, Up All Night, and a one-off (well, sort of) variety show. Tuesday sees the series premiere of Maya’s new variety offering for the Peacock Network with Martin Short as her partner-in-crime, and it’s been revealed that the first episode of Maya & Marty will have an avalanche of guest stars. Bring on the informative tweet with comedic posing!

As you might expect from a Lorne Michaels produced offering, a few notable names are on tap for the debut of this shindig. Miley Cyrus, Larry David, Jimmy Fallon and human charm machine Tom Hanks will all be stopping by to do… um, something? They’ll be there. That’s the main thing.

NBC’s tried their luck at reviving the variety TV format before, because that’s apparently an unshakable fetish that television execs go wild for. (Thanks, the ’70s and early ’80s!) Will Maya & Marty succeed where last year’s much hyped Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris failed? We may get our answer on Tuesday night.

(Via Vulture)