Larry David’s Bernie Sanders Returns To Play ‘The Price Is Right’ On ‘SNL’ With Some Help From Liam Hemsworth

Saturday Night Live played a celebrity edition of The Price Is Right featuring a Trump shower’s worth of celebrity impressions. Beck Bennett hosts doing a serviceable Drew Carey impression, which we didn’t know was an impression a person could do, and as contestants we have Chris Redd as Lil Wayne, Kate McKinnon as “little Dutch boy” Tilda Swinton, Alex Moffat as Chris Hemsworth (featuring musical guest Miley Cyrus as his regular-person partner, asking if he has a brother in a nod to her real-life boyfriend Liam Hemsworth), and in an appearance we knew was coming but didn’t expect in a sketch like this, Larry David as Bernie Sanders, railing against the show’s consumerism while pretty invested in winning a dinette set.

If that weren’t enough, at the wheel we see Alec Baldwin as a confused Tony Bennett hawking Imodium AD with Melissa Villaseñor as Ariana Grande. The show isn’t done yet, giving us Cecily Strong as Sophia Vergara spokesmodeling a high-efficiency dryer and her soft drink of choice (“What movie are you here to promote?” “Pepsi.”)

Out of cast members to do impressions, SNL brought in the real deal with the aforementioned Liam Hemsworth as Chris’s “phone-a-friend” bidding crocodile teeth as currency.

(Via SNL)