John Oliver Deftly And Hilariously Reminded ‘Last Week Tonight’ Viewers That Facebook Is Not Their Friend

John Oliver was on fire on Last Week Tonight on Sunday, interviewing Anita Hill during his insightful segment on workplace sexual harassment. On top of taking men to task over their behavior, Oliver also highlighted the current trials and tribulations of Facebook. Between data mining, Congressional hearings, and massive stock crash, it has been a rough year for Zuckerberg and company.

In an effort to assuage users fears and downplay their misdeeds, Facebook released an ad that cast the company’s misdeeds in a significantly softer light. Oliver ripped into the calculated move, reminding viewers that this organization is not your friend. Facebook is, first and foremost, a company looking to make money, so no matter how much you whine and complain about all of the data that they’re collecting (that you’re freely giving them), it is highly unlikely that they will modify their business practices. To drive this message home, the Last Week Tonight team reworked Facebook’s ad to be, well, a little more honest about their intentions.

Whether you are going to delete your account in protest or just suck it up because you just have so many photos saved there, I think we can all agree on one thing: Myspace Tom would never do this to us.