Leah Remini’s Appearance On ‘Conan’ Ruffled Some Feathers At The Church Of Scientology

There’s no shortage of information floating around about the Church of Scientology today. You could read Going Clear or watch the documentary, South Park did an excellent job putting the spotlight on the church, or you could watch Leah Remini’s new show on A&E. The former King of Queens star left the church in 2013, writing a tell-all book and then landed a show titled Scientology and the Aftermath to give other former members a chance to tell their story.

She’s been doing a promotional tour for the show and Conan is her latest stop, something the Church apparently noticed. As they’ve done at all of her talk show appearances, Scientology sent the show a letter criticizing Remini and her story. It seems to take Conan by surprise and he claims that it has never happened with a guest in the history of his show. From there, Remini discusses the show and her time in Scientology. Some of this will sound familiar to those who have seen Going Clear, but it also still confounds that this type of group — and many others like it — can exist. There’s a power there that isn’t always evident to outsiders, but there’s clearly something drawing people in.

Remini also talks about the situation with Michele Miscavige and how she ran into that situation directly while asking about her at a party. The wife of the controversial Scientology leader has apparently been seen in public since her reported disappearance in 2007, but it’s still a topic of discussion for critics of the church. Remini isn’t the only one facing harassment for the show. According to The Hollywood Reporter, A&E’s president Nancy Dubuc is getting harassment on her personal FB page.

The whole interview is quite interesting if you’re curious about the Scientology experience.

(Via Team Coco)

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