Louis Theroux Goes Toe-To-Toe With Scientology In The Trailer For His Latest Doc

The noted Masterson magnet known to the world as the Church of Scientology is once again the subject of another unflattering documentary. (Not that there’s been a shortage of projects in the works criticizing the religious movement.)

Documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux has a new motion picture at the ready equipped with the straightforward title My Scientology Movie. Said Scientology movie is (sadly) not a shot-for-shot remake of Battlefield Earth, but does feature the quirk of having recreations of alleged incidents experienced in the church with an emphasis on the notorious leadership style of David Miscavige. Former church official Mark Rathbun (who you might remember from another recent Scientology doc Going Clear) lends his expertise to the project and confirms that things do get very yell-y in the secretive organization.

A sparkling new trailer for the film has popped up and ticks all the boxes you could hope to expect from a Scientology doc: Secrecy, tales of Miscavige rage and pro-Scientology folks entering the fray to try and bust this documentary up. Premiered all the way back in the halcyon days of 2015, the movie is now earmarked for a limited engagement in Australia starting September 8. The United Kingdom and the United States are both expected to get a theatrical release of the film at a still to be determined point.