Lee Pace Is ‘Deeply Flattered’ If You Call Him ‘Emperor Daddy’

Lee Pace is in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He played elf royalty in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy. And he has a starring role in the new Apple TV+ series Foundation, based on Isaac Asimov’s classic science fiction book series of the name. I’m tempting to call Pace a Nerd Icon, but “Intergalactic Emperor Daddy” has a better ring to it.

The Halt and Catch Fire actor (if you haven’t watched Halt and Catch Fire, please do so ASAP) was granted the space daddy moniker following the release of the Foundation trailer. His response: “I’m deeply flattered,” he told Esquire. “My mother would be so proud.” His mom may not want to search “Pace daddy” on Twitter. It gets intense.

Also intense is the fandom for Pushing Daisies, the wholesomely morbid ABC series that he starred on. It was canceled after two cult-beloved seasons, but Pace says he and creator Bryan Fuller “always joke” about bringing it back, “fantasize about it,” and there are “ideas for it, and they sound so cool.” He recognizes that everyone in the cast is busy, him most of all, but “I would love to be with everyone again… I’m game for it.”

Until then, there’s Foundation, which premiered on Apple TV+ today, September 24.

(Via Esquire)