Leslie Jones Thinks She’d Be A Great (And ‘Loud’) Sidekick In The ‘Deadpool’ Sequel

Whenever Saturday Night Live cast member Leslie Jones stops by Late Night with Seth Meyers, something good always happens. The Ghostbusters star loves to geek out with Meyers about all kinds of things, so during Saturday’s New Year’s Eve special the host decided to ask his guest about her love for the Deadpool movie. Not just her adoration for actor Ryan Reynolds and his comedy chops, mind you, but her expressed desire to star as the titular hero’s sidekick in the upcoming sequel.

“In Deadpool I would love to be just the sidekick,” Jones explained. “Just feeding him back the lines. It would just be so fun.”

Jones, whose Twitter antics upped her already expansive profile during the Rio Summer Olympics, tweeted her praise for Reynolds and the film after watching in in June. “It’s one of the best movies I have ever seen,” she wrote at the time, adding that Reynolds should “be a comedian.” She tweeted twice more about the actor’s comedy chops, begging him to host SNL while praising Deadpool‘s various gags.

Yet it was an early December tweet that caught Meyers’ eye on Saturday. Jones wrote about wanting to appear in the Deadpool sequel as Reynolds’ “smart mouth side kick,” and explained her “power would be loudness.” So when the Late Night host quizzed her about the matter on New Year’s Eve, she dove straight into it. “I just want to be loud,” she said. After providing a hilarious demonstration of that might look like, Jones explained that “everybody’s clothes [would] just come off.”