Liam Neeson Did Not Enjoy His Time On ‘The View’ Thanks To ‘All This BS’ With Joy Behar Having A Crush On Him

Liam Neeson stopped by The View last week to promote his new movie, Marlowe, where he found himself being fawned over by Joy Behar, who’s not exactly subtle about her thirsting. During the interview, she joked that she wanted to be cremated and have her ashes spread all over Neeson. Basically, it was peak Joy, which Michael B. Jordan knows about all too well.

Apparently, Neeson was not a fan of the experience. In a new interview with Rolling Stone, the actor shared his blunt thoughts about being caught in the middle of Behar’s thirst. He didn’t like it. In fact, Neeson would’ve much rather talked about gun violence or literally anything that didn’t involve Behar’s loins burning with passion:

“I was in the dressing room drinking a cup of tea, turned the TV up, and I thought, oh, this will be great. They’re talking about gun violence in America, and I agree that it’s an American problem. I go onstage and join the ladies during the break, and I was congratulating them on this discussion. And then our segment starts and it’s just all this BS with Joy [Behar] and Liam Neeson and having a crush, and I’ve known Whoopi for years and Joy a little bit, but I just wasn’t impressed. I’m uncomfortable in those situations, you know? One of the ladies [Sunny Hostin] is a prosecutor and we had a little chat afterward and it was a good, intelligent conversation, but then the segment’s all about this — oof — thirteen, fourteen-year-old crush. It’s just a bit embarrassing.”

In The View’s defense, Neeson actually did get to discuss a much more serious topic and via Behar no less. The randy co-host simmered down after the previous segment and steered the conversation towards Neeson’s role in Schindler’s List. After mentioning the film’s 30th anniversary, she asked Neeson for his thoughts on the increased spate of anti-semitism in America and the prevalence of Holocaust denial. Again, both are very serious topics, so his appearance wasn’t all thirsting. Although, there was a lot of it.

You can watch Liam Neeson discuss Schindler’s List below:

(Via Rolling Stone)