Michael B. Jordan Had Everyone On ‘The View’ Flustered As A Cameraman Almost Fell Over And Joy Behar Couldn’t Control Her Thirst

Michael B. Jordan stopped by The View on Thursday morning to promote his new movie, A Journal for Jordan, but what he mostly promoted was all kinds of thirst the second he stepped out on stage. As Whoopi Goldberg introduced the actor, a cameraman swooped into get the intro shot, but things noticeably went awry as he almost falls in front of Jordan who reacts as quickly as he can to help the crew member.

While the cameraman managed to avoid wiping out in front of the Black Panther actor, Jordan had another mess waiting for him when he made his way to the panel. Just as Whoopi managed to quiet down the audience, which was definitely feeling Jordan’s presence, Joy Behar completely lost control as she complimented the actor on his looks and made a crack about how she’s already “six months pregnant” just from looking at him.

“You know you’re not just a gorgeous guy,” Behar said to Jordan with zero restraint. “You know, like they say, he’s fiiiiine!”

Things quieted down as the conversation finally shifted to A Journal for Jordan, but it didn’t take long for Behar to start asking how he got into such a romantic mood for the film and basically wanted to know if Jordan has a girlfriend. Joy was not playing around today.

The View fans watching at home not only loved Behar’s unbridled lust, but they were absolutely here for Jordan stopping by the daytime talk show. Like Behar, the reactions on social media were not shy.

(Via The View on Twitter)