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Don’t believe it. I’m not covering the Simon Cowell $144M per season thing because I don’t think it’s credible.  It’s probably BS, and here’s why.  [Newsday]

Breaking: attractive woman has attractive sister. Meet Marta Krupa, who bears a passing resemblance to Joanna Krupa.  Go figure.  [In Game Now]

The ’90s are a cruel mistress. The guy who played Bud Bundy and the guy who played Parker Lewis are best friends and business partners.  They work at a car wash together.  Kidding!  You guys are great.  [New York Times]

I’ve seen that before.  But with a penis. Photos of Kim Kardashian sucking on a lollipop.  She’s so provocative!  [Epic Carnival]

A tribute to Billy Mays. Finally, someone has put together something that I’ve always wanted to watch: a gigantic compilation of infomercials.  [Gunaxin]

HARF HARF HARF. “Reaper” star/girlfriend of Ben Roethlisberger Missy Peregrym will star in “Copper,” described as “‘Grey’s Anatomy’ set in the world of rookie cops.”  Oh, so it’s a standard cop show, but bad?  [THR]

Masturbating to fast food has never been so easy. The sexiest fast food commercials ever made.  Frankly, I like the one where a guy wakes up and the Burger King is in his bed.  RAWR!  [Uncoached]

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