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Pretty adorable, right? This photo was taken moments before the little girl and her kittens were mauled and eaten by a bear. So sad. [Digg]

Golden Globes 2.0: I’d write a post about the SAG Awards, but it’s pretty much a repeat of the Golden Globes. Even Julianna Margulies won for Best Actress. Did NO ONE in Hollywood see Katey Sagal in “Sons of Anarchy”? [Inside TV]

Oh hey, Noah Wyle’s still alive. TNT has picked up Steven Spielberg’s new alien invasion TV series, also starring hippie-parented Terminator 4 actress Moon Bloodgood. [Gamma Squad]

As New Orleans fans might say, ‘Who is That!’ Oh, thank God Favre lost (plus all your other Monday morning sports news). [With Leather]

Should You Give Up Cable TV? It’s not what you think. For once, it’s not some a-hole encouraging you to read more and spend more time exercising and whatnot; it’s an examination to see if it’s more financially sound to watch TV via iTunes. [Pajiba]

The sitcom babes of your youth, all grown up. Jenna von Oy got an ass that’ll swallow up a G-string. [Gunaxin]

Robots feel pain, too. Hugh Jackman will star in the remake of Real Steel. It’s kind of like Rocky, except the boxers are robots. [FilmDrunk]

Five Great Conan O’Brien Moments. Man, this really made me miss his “Late Night” comedy bits interacting with people on the streets of New York. His remote pieces from FAO Schwartz and the transit strike are terrific. [Co-Ed]

The Internet is a time machine. Check out Conan O’Brien making an appearance in a couple of SNL skits from when Tom Hanks hosted the show in 1988 and 1990. [The Comic’s Comic]

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