The ‘Loki’ Mid-Season Trailer Promises That ‘Every Loki Has Their Time’

WARNING: Spoilers for Loki episodes both past, present, and future will be found below and in the video above.

With Loki now halfway through its six episode run, Disney+ has dropped a new mid-season trailer that offer an intriguing glimpse at the final events to come. While the opening half of the trailer recaps the first three episodes of Loki, things progress as it becomes clear that the Time Variance Authority catches up with Loki and Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino), which prompts a humorous exchange where Loki is insulted that Sylvie requires more guards to detain her than him. But more importantly, Mobius (Owen Wilson) is still intent on pushing Loki to embrace his good side, as the words “Every Loki has their time” plays across the trailer.

That could line have multiple meanings. The use of “their” keeps that whole sentence notably gender neutral, which fits into the show’s major, and arguably overdue confirmation, that Loki is both gender-fluid and bisexual. More literally, it puts both Loki and Sylvie in play even though we don’t know if Sylvie is truly a Loki Variant. Judging by the heavy-handed use of Mobius still trying to get through to Loki in the trailer, the Trickster God could finally embrace his heroic side by the season end, or go the complete opposite direction, as there’s a brief glimpse of him ruling Asgard.

Of course, the “Every Loki has their time” line could also be referring to Sylvie and a possible expansion of her role in the MCU, and how this is her time to emerge as a force to be reckoned with. Or most likely, in the most literal use of the word “their,” both Loki and Sylvie will each have defining moments in the back half of the reality-bending Disney+ series.