Stephen Colbert Shares A Touching, Funny Moment With His Former Boss, Louis C.K.

While Louis C.K. on Fallon seemed to be devoted more to the comedian trying out some bits and attempting to push the limits of his host’s devotion to his network, his appearance on The Late Show was far more personal. Not only was Louis C.K. once Stephen Colbert’s boss on The Dana Carvey Show, but both of them seemed to come from this friendly common place. It also helps that they shared a few moments together during their time working together. This includes a moment where Colbert caught C.K. crying in between shows and took him aside to cheer him up. Colbert couldn’t stand seeing his lead writer fall into despair like that, so he used some classic physical comedy. And it worked, dammit. They also looked back on one of the sketches from that time, sharing a few behind the scenes tales and an important discussion of Louis C.K.’s classy yellow shirt.

The second part of the interview was devoted to everybody’s favorite topic: President Donald Trump. We can’t escape him now that he’s the leader of the nation, plus every late night host and news personality wants to talk and joke about him at every turn. Colbert brings up the email that C.K. sent out about Trump last year, with the comedian saying he regrets it but doesn’t take it. At the time, he felt that the president was a lot like Hitler, but now he’s not as “profound” and is actually a “lying sack of sh*t.”

As Colbert points out, Louis C.K. will be back on the cover of the New York Daily News tomorrow with Trump. And there will be some form of poop emoji.

(Via Late Show)