‘Lucifer’ Fans Came Out Ahead After Netflix’s Cryptic Response To The Big Stuck Ship Being Righted

The Internet has been so very excited about the massive ship that got stuck in the Suez Canal (yeah, this is totally gonna be a movie someday) for a week. The thing got pried loose on Sunday night and stuck again and set free again, and no one really knows how this all happened, other than weather (blame everything on the weather). With all of the fuss (including a very interesting Kirstie Alley tweet) ongoing, Netflix tweeted about one of the biggest ‘ships known to its streaming service, and that would be Lucifer‘s will-they-or-won’t-they relationship between Chloe and the Devil himself.

“Love it when a massive ship gets back on its course,” reads a Netflix tweet.

Fans will recall that the detective and the fallen angel actually did hook up in the first half of Season 5 (the second half hasn’t been released yet), after Chloe got over being justifiably angry about being created as a miracle who’s intended for Lucifer. However, their official coupling-it-up moves actually messed sh*t up for Lucifer because Chloe gained Lucifer’s mojo ability (and could use it on him). Also, there was a faux-Lucifer running around at some point, and things got even messier than that after the hook-up, so long story short, it didn’t work out. Yet fans are still holding out hope (as they do), and with Season 6 being announced as the final run, fans started wondering when Season 5B would show up. After a flurry of replies and the rumor mill beginning, the official Netflix and Lucifer Twitter accounts made it official: May 28.

Co-showrunner Joe Henderson has weighed in, too, while thanking fans for the marvelous Twitter sentiment as the cast and crew wraps shooting on Season 6.