‘MADtv’ Is Coming Back To Prime Time On The CW Because There Isn’t Already Enough Comedy

Not only is there a lot of television these days, but there’s also a lot of comedy. From mainstream shows with ridiculously large followings (Archer and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), to streaming upstarts deserving of more episodes and seasons (Catastrophe and F is for Family), the genre and its many derivations are out in force in the world. Especially sketch comedy, which will live on forever thanks to Saturday Night Live, occasional new outlets (The Characters and Party Over Here), and yes — even revivals. Or at least that’s the word from The CW, which announced Monday the order of eight new hour-long episodes of the long-running Fox SNL rival, MADtv.

According to the official press release, which was picked up by Deadline and other outlets, original executive producer David E. Salzman will return to executive produce the new primetime series. He’ll also serve as showrunner and oversee the new iteration’s modified format:

Back with its signature pop-culture parodies and politically incorrect humor, the new MADtv will star up-and-coming new comedy voices and will feature special appearances from returning cast members of the original late-night series as hosts of each episode.

Referencing the previous incarnation’s position as a satirical voice on all things pop culture, Salzman said that the show “is as vibrant as ever thanks largely to social and digital media,” and that everyone in front of and behind the cameras “will continue to present the hard-hitting, laugh-out-loud, wall-to-wall pop culture parody our fans expect, but in a fresh, new way.” Production and release dates weren’t provided in the press release, though such information is promised “at a later date.”

In January, The CW celebrated the original show’s 20th anniversary with a reunion special.

(Via Deadline)