‘SNL’ Will Open Up Season 42 With A ‘Suicide Squad’ Standout And The Weeknd

Are you planning on hosting Saturday Night Live for its 42nd season premiere? Let’s check this SNL tweet for confirmation shall we? Unless you’re Margot Robbie (in which case: congrats!), that position has been filled.

Yes, the index cards of truth have revealed who will be serving as the host and musical guest for October 1’s SNL return. Suicide Squad standout Margot Robbie hosts the first show back with Daft Punk’s close personal friend The Weeknd serving as the musical guest. That means you have less than two weeks to steady yourself for the inevitable Jared Leto giving weird “gifts” sketch and endless speculation whether or not Abel Tesfaye can coax Parisian robot-men into appearing on a television show.

For a comedy/variety show that will outlive us all, Saturday Night Live has somehow managed to generate an aura of mystery about what’s to come with the new season. Veteran cast members like Taran Killam and Jay Pharoah are out, new talent is stepping in front of the camera, and there’s a whole summer of election lunacy to unpack while simultaneously commenting on the constantly updating new lunacy. SNL has had some of its strongest showings during periods of batsh*t craziness, so there’s reason to believe good things are on their way.