Netflix Assembled Marvel’s ‘The Defenders’ For The First Time At New York Comic-Con

Sigourney Weaver recently let slip that she was joining the Marvel Universe, but she couldn’t reveal any details about what role she’d be playing. While some of us (or maybe just me) hoped that Marvel would just say screw it and have her play Ripley, we discovered the fun way over the weekend that she joined Netflix’s The Defenders as the main villain. The beloved actress took the New York Comic-Con stage alongside the stars of Netflix’s Marvel series, and for the first time The Defenders were assembled.

This moment is cool for at least two reasons, first and foremost being that Netflix has delivered three exciting and entertaining series in Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage, and Iron Fist certainly looks promising, so getting a glimpse of The Defenders, even in street clothes, is certain to get us excited to binge watch on one great day in 2017.

Second, we always have a lot of fun watching the big Marvel Cinematic Universe cast moments at San Diego Comic-Con, especially when Kevin Feige introduces the newest A-lister to wear tights (Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel moment still brings galactic goosebumps) and so it’s really cool to see that same kind of energy for the small screen properties. Granted, it helps that Weaver is a huge star next to her Defenders cast-mates, but this proves that the Marvel machine is still running smoothly.

And that’s important for those of us who want to believe there’s something to Marvel TV boss Jeph Loeb’s comments that “It’s all connected” and we should “stay tuned” when it comes to Netflix’s shows, ABC’s Agents of SHIELD, and soon FX’s Legion. The big screen stars shouldn’t get to have all the crossover fun.