Matt Damon Poses As Tom Brady To Sneak His Way Back On ‘Kimmel’ To Continue His Feud

Matt Damon finally found a way to get back on Jimmy Kimmel Live, using a little Super Bowl trickery to be a guest on the show. Everybody was fooled, even Guillermo who wanted his football signed. But like usual, he flies too close to the Sun and ends up grabbing the attention of Jimmy. Damon gets a little celebrating in before security walks him off, but I would call this a win. He certainly gets to celebrate it like a win.

The long-running feud between Kimmel and Damon is always a good source of entertainment on Jimmy Kimmel Live, even if the continuity of it all has become pretty murky over the years. It has given us a lot of great moments and viral clips to share around online, including “I’m F*cking Matt Damon” which kinda sparked off some weird love triangle with Ben Affleck. My only problem is that Damon has been an actual guest on the show before with The Monuments Men cast, but they must not count that. Not many people will admit to seeing that movie either, so that might be why.

After the commercial break, Damon got his celebration moment backstage with Rich Eisen. They covered his dressing room in plastic sheeting and everything to really send the whole thing over the cliff. As the Damon appearances go, this one is a lot better than a few of his more recent stops. We will take this over another relationship therapy segment.