Matt Damon Has His Secret Santa Game Ruined In The New ‘SNL’ Promo

Fun fact: Matt Damon has never hosted Saturday Night Live. (Another fun fact: Neither has his erstwhile screenwriting partner Ben Affleck.) A thing that probably should have happened at least thrice in the two decades he’s been a star is finally about to come true: Damon is the headliner of this coming weekend’s episode, the one he shares with Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson as musical guests. And as has become typical, the promo went all-out.

Granted, it wasn’t as ambitious as, say, the one where Claire Foy and Pete Davidson had a multi-course food fight. It was just Damon, Cyrus, and Ronson sitting in a circle with regular cast members Beck Bennett and Cecily Strong, handing out presents, all of them dressed in serious holiday sweaters. Damon, evidently very into the Yuletide spirit, started a mini-Secret Santa game, and lo and behold each of them produced ridiculous gifts: a sandwich, an unfinished scarf, a diamond necklace.

Of course, no one’s tuning in Saturday — the last SNL of 2018 — to watch Matt Damon hand out silly gifts. They’re coming to see him reprise his dynamite Brett Kavanaugh impersonation, the role it became clear a few months ago he was born to play. Alas, Brett hasn’t done much since being sworn in as chief justice — apart from protect women’s rights, thus enraging those who once cheered him on for acting like an entitled man-child and silencing a woman whose life he may have destroyed. But we’re sure Damon will squeeze in a little Brett.