Michael Che Dropped The N-Bomb On ‘Weekend Update’ And The Internet Isn’t Happy

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10.02.16 28 Comments

Colin Jost and Michael Che are a formidable hosting duo for Weekend Update, and this season, with the election looming, the world needs their special brand of news coverage more than ever. But, Che’s dropping of the N-bomb has left more than a few upset, confused and wondering what just happened on live TV.

The comment came after discussing the national anthem controversy surrounding the sports world. Basically, white people are fine with the national anthem, and Che explained why through an analogy:

“I expect white guys to defend the national anthem like I expected Phylicia Rashad to defend Bill Cosby. I’m sure when all the people were protesting The Cosby Show, Claire Huxtable was like, ‘I don’t know what he did to y’all, but ***** made me rich.'”

Then Che made this face:



Now, we head to Twitter:

Of course, we’ve seen this before…

Perhaps it wasn’t a mistake. Maybe SNL is getting edgier. In the very next sketch, we heard “p*ssy,” and as many commenters have been pointing out, in recent seasons, music acts have uttered the word as well as performers.

So now, before any think pieces come out — was this a mistake or just a new direction for SNL?

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