Mike Tyson Gave ‘Hangover’ Co-Star Bradley Cooper A Bejeweled Championship Belt As A Gift

Aside from getting fake-tasered, actor Bradley Cooper — otherwise known as the Democratic American Sniper — spent most of his time on Tuesday’s Late Late Show discussing The Hangover with talk-show host James Corden and director Todd Phillips. The two had plenty of stories to tell Corden about the production, and the host made no attempt to hide his fandom for the popular comedy, especially when he brought up Mike Tyson’s brilliant cameo in the 2009 film.

Phillips had plenty of good things to say about Tyson’s sense of humor, especially when he recalled showing the boxer how to “throw a punch in a movie”:

“Mike is really a funny guy… Without missing a beat he goes, ‘Oh this is great. I’m getting boxing lessons from the captain of the Jewish debating team.’ “

Meanwhile, Cooper reminisced about becoming good friends with Tyson and his family. He admitted they’d “lost touch over the last couple of years,” but singled out attending the 2008 documentary, Tyson, with the boxer’s family. He also spoke about the awesome-but-fake gift they gave him after seeing his Broadway performance of The Elephant Man:

“They gave me one of his belts. One of his boxing belts… I didn’t know what to do because it had the medallions and everything, but I also noticed it actually wasn’t a real belt. I think it was a ‘Mike Tyson belt,’ but not actually one of the championship belts.”

Then again, a custom, bejeweled belt gifted by Mike Tyson will always be a championship belt. (Or at least that’s what Donald Trump probably thinks about his.)