Bradley Cooper Is Ready And Willing To Be Tased On Late-Night TV

If you remember the original The Hangover, the scene where the Wolf Pack end up with the police and get tased could have ended up a lot different. It turns out that Todd Phillips wanted to actually tase Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms, and Bradley Cooper. He’d seen the guys on Jackass do it plenty of times, so why not three Hollywood actors. While Helms and Galifianakis were against the idea, Cooper seemed to be ready to get tased. He practically wanted it to happen and it took some studio intervention to stop it from happening.

Fast-forward to Tuesday’s Late Late Show and James Corden confronting Cooper with another Taser. Instead of just protesting to avoid any pain and discomfort, Cooper is just ready to take it like a champ. Corden is the one who is hesitant in the situation, with Bradley Cooper telling him to just not think about it.

Lucky for Cooper, the Taser is fake. Actually getting tased sucks. Hard. It might seem like something you’d willingly want to do in order to seem tough, but it is not. Those guys on Jackass were fools and there’s a reason the show has that title.

Good on Cooper for wanting to take those risks, though. Bad that he wanted to do it while filming The Hangover.

(Via The Late Late Show)