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Tennis of the future: like modern tennis, but with way more triangles

Sci Fi/SyFy will bilk the cash cow of “Battlestar Galactica” with the prequel series “Caprica,” about life on the doomed titular planet 50 years before the cylons blow everybody up.  Even though the series debuts in 2010, the feature-length pilot will be available on DVD April 21st, because nerds don’t have anything better to spend money on.

In order to gain some word-of-mouth momentum, Sci Fi has released seven brief clips of the pilot.  That’s right, you can whet your appetite for this series by watching Eric Stoltz play future-tennis and engage in gripping dialog like this (video after the jump):

Her: Out!

Him: What!?

Her: It was as out as can be!

Him: [laughs dismissively]

Her: Do we need to turn on the line sensors?

Him: That’s exactly what we’re going to do, cheater girl!

Her: Don’t go all immature on me just ’cause you know I’m better than you.

Him: What’s that, cheater?  I can’t hear you, cheater.

I give this four dismissive wanks (out of five) and two bonus eye-rolls.

NERDY UPDATE: A couple different poindexters have pointed out that Caprica and the Cylons and stuff all happen in the PAST, not the future. That’s my bad. I wrongly figured that the cliched sci-fi twist of needlessly placing the events in the past was played out enough in Star Wars.

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