‘Deadpool’ Star Morena Baccarin Revisited Her Most Controversial ‘Homeland’ Scene

Deadpool earned a lot of money last night, and it’s going to make a lot more this weekend. Somewhere in the range of $100 million isn’t out of the question. It’s the big hit Ryan Reynolds has been trying to star in for years. One blockbuster doesn’t wash away the sins of notable flops like Green Lantern and RIPD, but at least he (and we) won’t have to read any more “The Movie Star” articles. But let’s save some adulation for Morena Baccarin.

She starred in the canceled-too-soon Firefly and unnecessary V remake, and Homeland‘s Jessica Brody was only popular compared to daughter Dana. Baccarin’s consistently good in everything, though, even if viewers often confuse her with her characters. She spoke to the Huffington Post about the time she received “hate tweets” for something Jessica did on Homeland.

“There was some stuff that we did in the second season where I throw the Quran on the floor when I’m angry at Brody, and I did get some hate tweets about that. People forget that you’re just expressing what’s given to you to read on the script. Of course you take some responsibility for actually doing it, but it’s a story.”

Baccarin later praised the writers for not shying away from controversy and not caring “how much trouble they’re going to get into.” Those “hate tweets” are nothing compared to the hellfire Dana Brody has received after every episode from all corners of the Internet. I’m pretty sure there’s a grindcore band in Brooklyn called Death to Dana Brody practicing right now.

They’re hoping to get onto the Deadpool 2 soundtrack.

(Via the Huffington Post)

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